Georgia based emoviolence threepiece Under A Sky So Blue exclusively streams a brand new song from their upcoming Extended Play called ’The Spectacle Provides’ on Form und Leere.

Just a few seconds in and it already gets obvious that ’Remember’ was written to destroy everything and everyone who will get in the band’s path. Walls build by apocalyptic guitar riffs swing at you, while relentless drums fuel the diabolic fusion of Will’s and Erin’s vocals. Everything about this song seems to be heavy as fuck, giving you a good impression on the metallic sound of the rest of the EP. ’The Spectacle Provides’ includes five tracks in total and will be released through Zegema Beach Records, Dingleberry Records, May communiqué and Murder on Ponce in January.

Links: facebook + bandcamp
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SBS #39 comes along with a previously unreleased track of City Of Caterpillar plus three further incredible releases by saligia, perfect blue and YURI. We also had the pleasure to chat with saligia about their songs on their recently released EP called „the new innocence“.

saligia - the new innocence


+ Short But Sweet Interview w/ saligia
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„And whoever speaks loudest, is always right.“ How cynical, how up-to-date. The line taken out of the opening song of Saligia’s debut Extended Play, could have never been more relevant and literally seems to allude to one of the reasons of Trump’s frightening election victory. Of course, those lyrics also could be easily used for diverse internet platforms or loud, swearing minorities on the streets, but I really feel like, that this song is aimed at all those frustrated, and in our opinion, mislead people who made this vote tally possible. Musically as well as lyrically, this dark atmosphere is riddled through the rest of the EP. The band, which features members of Republic Of Dreams, Lentic Waters and The Gentle Art Of Chokin, really did a great job on the new innocence, delivering one of the best emoviolence of the previous months.

"Faith & ethos are blinkers and stimulant drug for the foolish masses since time immemorial. It’s either black or white – the simple logic of dogma. And whoever speaks loudest, is always right.“

perfect blue - you breed like stars


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+ Cavalcades
+ Healing Powers

It’s their second appearance in a row. Shortly after the release of SBS #38, perfect blue put out the follow-up of their demo. The group from Leeds didn’t get themselves into experiments and mostly stuck with their successful sound, whereas melodic guitar riffs meet explosive drumming and top-notch vocals. Even though the moment of surprise faded away, they were able deliver another intense screamo record, which lines up with many great EPs, published in 20016. You breed like stars contains five songs and is highly recommendable to everyone who's into dark screamo.

Yuri - Breathe In Water For The Rest Of Your Life


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+ Three Up / Three Down (music video)

Ten months after Yuri’s highly respected demo it is Breathe in Water For The Rest Of Your Life, which again declares a strong message of chaos and anger. The emoviolence / powerviolence hybrid from Derby recorded six fast songs, which are packed with personal lyrics, recited by the vicious vocals of Abbie. It’s one hell of a ride from the fantastic and dark opening duo, Three Up / Three Down, to the closer called My Second Edge Break, as none of the tracks lasts longer than 50 seconds. The Extended Play will be available on 7 inch vinyl through Adorno Records and Miss The Star Records, coming early 2017.

"The person that you loved is dead. I shot him full of alcohol and estrogen. Don’t play your violin for me. I’m dancing on the coffin while the flames lick at my feet.“

City of Caterpillar - As the Curtains Dim; (little white lie)


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+ Repeater Records

Actually, As the Curtains Dim; (little white lie) was planned to appear on City of Caterpillar’s legendary self-titled LP, released in 2002. According to Brandon Evans, who spoke with NPR, the song was one of the band’s favorites, but unfortunately didn’t make the album cut due to limited vinyl space. Fourteen years later the song has been finally dug out and we couldn’t be more happier about its digitally release. Although As the Curtains Dim; (little white lie) was written more than a decade ago, it didn’t lose any finesse nor any power of its sound since the band from Virginia was able to create a timeless piece of emotional music. Stream the song and check out more background information over at NPR.

"Well I just can't seem to see which me I was in the beginning. Right then, I wasn't me. Close your eyes as I spill these dying limbs. Sway your bodies as I turn my back. ’Cos I'm scared. I'll cringe at this ghost I am. With a passing grin, you nod your head as the poet's dead.“

This year we hold something special for you. It’s the very first time you have the chance to vote for your favorite releases of the year.

Exactly, you have to vote! Therefore we created a poll, containing two lists - one for LPs and another one for EPs, demos and splits. The vote tally will be used to create some kind of community End-Of-The-Year-List which will be published on December 28. We know, both lists aren't conclusive since it might be a bit early... So feel free to wait and vote later. In case you miss one of your favorite releases just use the comment box below the list.

We would be super appreciative if you could share this with your friends, since we want as many people as possible to participate.

Votes collected: 141

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Issue #38 of SBS contains four amazing debuts by Кальк, Perish Song, Underdark and perfect blue (w/ members of Cavalcades and Healing Powers). Furthermore we'd like to introduce the thumbnail below. Our very own, Pia did an amazing job on this one and we're really psyched about how beautiful it turned out."

Кальк - Rehearsal Room


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+ facebook

If Кальк (pronounced: Kalk) are offering their demo CD for free these days, you should definitely grab one. The threepiece from Kiel, which includes members of Chuck Bass and Mørder, surprised with its live performance. For me, it felt like the sophisticated progression of their sound, shown on their demo recordings on bandcamp. As its name gives away, those recordings are quite rough and do not feature the synthesizer used at their shows. Containing six songs overall, the demo felt more like the faster and violent twin of the songs' live versions, giving you a good impression on how much potential this band has. Hailing from Kiel, Anna, Philipp and Hannes already announced a proper Extended Play, featuring their demo songs as well as some new ones. Really looking forward to it.

Perish Song - where nothing is born and nothing dies


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A desperate voice screams „I fell apart waiting for you…“ as the debut of Perish Song, from Pittsburgh, PA, starts to carve its way into our emo hearts. This line is taken out of the opening track of the band’s first Extended Play. Kept in the vein of late 90s respectively early 00s emo, the instrumental part of the song provides a pleasant background for the high-pitched vocals, which can be found throughout the whole EP. The first verse of the closing track even features some clean vocals and easily could be considered as the magic moment of this well-made debut.

"Time spent in the home where I was raised. Discarding my old things, hiding old picture frames. Hopeless, tossing out failed attempts under the mountains of my favorite unworn clothes. Searching for the place I hid myself pretending that I was looking for something else.“

Underdark - Morning Cloak


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Atmospheric Black Metal rarely emerges on this blog but when it does you can be sure that it’s really good. Strongly influenced by bands like Envy, We Came Out Like Tigers or Deafheaven, the first work of Underdark from Nottingham is a wild hyprid of black metal and screamo. As the genre nowadays lacks in finesse and bands often sound way too tedious, Underdark were able to write three diverting tracks, in which guitar walls and diabolic black metal vocals create a top-notch sound with a murky and dense atmosphere. Mourning Cloak’s twenty minutes are definitely well spend since you will get some of the most intense tunes you’ve heard in a while. If you like them as much as we do, you should definitely head over to Sell Your Soul Records and snatch one of those 12 inch records on white vinyl.

"A wretched life, unwholly lived. Drowning in the blackest of wings. Thoughts lay besieged, baited and lured. Distilled, given form, adroit, tenebrous.“

perfect blue - a week of fires


+ bandcamp
+ Cavalcades
+ Healing Powers

"A week of fires" is the first musical output of recently formed UK screamo act, perfect blue and it’s one hell of a debut. Hailing from Leeds, the band features members of Cavalcades and Healing Powers. While the British tag themselves only as punk, you get much more than that. Of course, punk pretty much hits the core of their approach of creating music, but it’s wrapped up with screamo and even hints of black metal. However, listening to perfect blue’s demo is really enjoyable, as its mighty soundscapes are dark and rich in variety. From the outstanding drumming to the gut-wrenching vocals, everything’s arranged quite perfectly on this five song collection. Can’t wait to hear more.

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Tall As Trees - Self Titled


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„Was zum Teufel machen wir hier? Warum sollte sich jemand dafür interessieren?“ The answer is quite simple. Tall As Trees are pretty fucking fantastic. Andrea, Christian, Diana, Marko and Sarah are hailing from Berlin and their self titled Extended Play is one of the best things, that happened to German screamo in 2016. Thanks to Crossed Letters we stumbled upon this exciting four song collection, where the new comers were able to perfectly connect the warm and catchy instrumental background with angry vocals, which are alternating between spoken and yelled parts, at times reminding me of bands like Manku Kapak or Morla. We highly recommend this well written EP to everyone who’s into emotional punk music.

"Für uns ist es wertvoll, für uns ist es gut! Du wirst überrascht sein von dir selbst. Und die innere Kritikerin wird leiser und leiser und leiser.“

Thisismenotthinkingofyou - Thalamic Incongruity


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Sometimes I feel like allrounder, Shaun Harrison-Hancock, is overtaking the UK screamo scene. Thalamic Incongruity is the latest release of his one man project Thisismenotthinkingofyou and it contains five tracks, which are all following the typical style of the band. It’s a violent bastard full of noisy and chaotic sound structures, merged to a compact unit with dense and grim atmosphere. Made for lovers of the genre, the record is being released by Adorno Records, Miss The Stars Records and Dingleberry Records. For now, take a seat, hit the stream button below and appreciate the immense musical output of Mr. Hancock while listening to Thalamic Incongruity. The invasion has begun.

"Look at what you've done! Everyone's burnt out and repressed. Clawing away to make something happen. To make a mark! To leave a trace! The worker, The artist, The frail.“

Lawine / Remek - Split


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For this collaboration my favorite screamo band from Czech Republic teamed up with Nijmegen’s emo punk group Lawine. The split contains seven songs in total, whereat three of them are contributed by the Dutch, who are opening the split with a fresh blend of hardcore and emo -here and there riddled with some grungy parts. Their well-made side ends with Betrayal, a four -minute song, which is characterized by its spoken vocals. Starting with a short intro track, Remek’s side gathers pace with Písně prázdnoty (Song of Emptiness) and after just a few seconds you’re swallowed by the endearing sound of the fourpiece. Disgorged after a rollercoaster ride of ten diverting minutes, it became quite clear to me that the band from Prague, once again was able to add another gem to their grandiose discography. Limited on 500 pieces, the split will be released on black vinyl via Rope or Guillotine records.

Nepugia - Bebemos Del Mismo Pozo


+ Short But Sweet Interview w/ Fernando
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Wow, what a banger. Somewhere between hardcore, screamo and powerviolence, the debut of Nepugia from Chile hits really hard. Bebemos Del Mismo Pozo is the band’s declaration of love for chaos and violence. The duo rushes through the first three tracks just to give you a breather with A veces, a slow tempo song with a bittersweet melody and clean vocals. The following tracks lead over to the phenomenal Copiapó 26/10/1993, which closes the Extend Play in the most perfect way. The song, which was written over a span of five years, could be considered as some kind of hybrid, which features the calm side of the band as well as the chaotic and angry one. This release is a massive surprise and absolutely recommendable for each and everyone of you. Also, read the interview attached to learn something more about the band.

"Aún en mis heridas Se pueden ver cenizas."

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Narcia - Narcia


+ Short But Sweet Interview w/ Shun
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Trending on bandcamp, Narcia’s selftitled debut features five great Emo songs, whereat just two of them contain vocals. According to Shun, the band’s vocalist resp. guitarist, Narcia was supposed to be his solo-project, but after a while it grew to a fourpiece, consisting of Tatsuya, Kensuke, himself and Noah. While 3/4 of the newcomers from Tokyo were members of the music club at their Highschool, Noah came all the way over from Chicago to do some studying. Due to this circumstance, we can enjoy one of the most brilliant and exciting Emo EP’s of the last years. Get ready for some damn good Emo music.

"Would you be the same person that you fell asleep as or would you remember your painful last days that you asked me to forget. You felt like forever ago.“

Grav Zahl - schon/erst


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We discovered Grav Zahl from Berlin through one of our favorite blogs called Rauschemusik. Their latest musical output called schon/erst follows their demo which was released earlier this year. While pretty much everything on this four song collection seems to be right on point, the vocals could be considered as the only flaw; but this is definitely a matter of taste and might be perceived differently from your point of view. However, the best thing about this EP are the incredibly well written lyrics, recited in French, German, English and Spanish. If you like screamo and post-hardcore, well, you probably are going to love Grav Zahl, since Konrad, Smi, Markus and Alex were able to combine the best of each genre.

"Lehre (Leere) gewinnt an Macht und erzeugt Anziehungskraft. Massen machen mit und meinen 'Gemeinsam sind wir stark‘. Umgeben von den eigenen Mitmenschen entsteht nun ein Grab - die eigene Geschichte ward schon erzählt - ausgestopft im Mausoleum der eigenen Realität.“

Batièn - Il Fascino Delle Idee


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Batién has always been one of our favorites. Their debut has been part of the very first SBS and is one of just a few records which never gets boring. That’s why we are really, really hyped about their latest release, Il Fascino Delle Idde. The strong opening track kicks in with some excellent drumming, paving the way for the highlight track of the second release of the five lads from Bologna. The song we are talking about is named ‚Nadia Pece’ and was pre released on youtube. With its three minutes, packed with heartfelt vocals and melodic guitar riffs, the song is another brilliant peace of Italian screamo. The last three songs on the EP are great as well and also contain some danceable sections, or at least some parts where you have this undeniable urge to bang yer head.

Unable to Fully Embrace This Happiness - two songs


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Austria’s most promising emoviolence band is back with two new tracks. Available on tape, the new release of the three lads from Klagenfurt is sincere and packed with personal lyrics. Compared to the songs on their three-way-split with Pepi Rössler, Lora and Nausae, ‚sell-fish‘ and ‚one‘ are still noisy, but also contain some melodic sections, not following the classic and chaotic approach of the genre. That was probably the reason why those two songs, which were recorded for the split mentioned above, weren’t used for it. Solely the rough production could be seen as a point of criticism and I really hope for a better one next time. Sure thing, this would put Unable to Fully Embrace This Happiness to the next level.

"…and i‘m aware that you possibly do have real issues but i‘m not able to be constantly used as a comforter and i would love for you to feel better but you need real help, not mine.“

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A few days ago we’ve asked an ol' punk if he’d be up to answer a few questions and well, what should we say. Here is an interview with a joke teller, DJ, punk yeller, hair farmer, film freak and co-host of a radio show called cheap shots on east village radio. He doesn’t write for Pitchfork but that’s ok for us. Here’s our interview with Jay Green, who used to sing in a band called Orchid.

Orchid at the Summerville American Legion in Summerville, SC - ca. 2000. Photo by Tom Pavlich

Hey Jayson. How are things going? Thanks a million for taking the time. First of all I’d like to ask for a brief introduction of yourself and a short summary of what you are currently doing.

Jay: I’m still making and DJ’ing music. About to record a 10” with Violent Bullshit and working on a solo LP.

How did you get into punk music? Any records resp. bands, you were influenced by?

Jay: I grew up in a pretty rural area and there were really no punks in our town and I didn’t have any older siblings who were into punk either so it was just kind of by luck and issues of Thrasher magazine. I’d see Quicksand on 120 minutes and love it and then discover Walter was in Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today. The Beastie Boys used to be a hardcore band. Fugazi used to be Minor Threat. Stuff like that. Go to the local skate park and see cool older kids and buy whatever band was on their t-shirts. I used to make out with a girl who’s boyfriend was in a ska band so I started going to all-ages shows. It’s dumb luck really.

As far as influential bands it sort of depends on what we’re talking about. The Beastie Boys were a major gateway drug to punk rock and 80’s SxE HC was a huge deal to me and was sort of my entree into hardcore music. As time went on bands like Nation of Ulysses, Bikini Kill, Born Against, Los Crudos all showed me what punk was capable of content-wise. When I was in Orchid the Providence scene was a big influence on aesthetics and presentation. Bands like Arab on Radar, Olneyville S.S., Landed, Black Dice, etc... and of course all the Gravity, 31G, San Diego stuff. A lot of Orchid’s contemporaries was pretty influential on me as well. Combat Wounded Veteran, Charles Bronson, Red Scare. It’s a hard question to answer!

You’ve been in a couple of punk resp. hardcore bands over the last couple of decades. As a blog about screamo it’s probably not that surprisingly that we’re most interested in one specific band of yours. Please, carry us back to Amherst, MA, at the beginning of 1997, when Jeffrey, Geoff, Will and you formed a band called Orchid. How did the four of you meet and what were the circumstances for you ending up as a band?

Jay: Will and I both attended Hampshire college with Orchid’s original bassist Brad Wallace (Geoff would join the band later). I guess the way it worked is that we saw each other around and as hardcore kids do, we gravitated towards each other. Will made me a mixtape with tons of killer songs and we became buddies. I was playing guitar in a band call “all i ask..” at the time Will approached me to make music. I assumed he wanted me to play guitar, but he suggested I sing. Jeff went to UMASS and I think we found him through friends but we met him for the first time at the very first Orchid practice. All I can remember is Jeff saying he couldn’t play fast. He definitely could.

Will used to book shows on campus and he booked our first show with Pig Destroyer and Black Army Jacket. After that show Scott from Pig Destroyer asked if we were into doing a split 7” and so it began.

Wikipedia says that Orchid was considered as one of the pioneers of the „screamo“sound. Was there a point in time when you became aware of the influence Orchid has/had on people, especially on those who just discovered the genre? What are your thoughts on the presence Orchid still has nowadays?

Jay: I hear about us being influential now, but at the time we were a functional band not at all. We were obsessed with One Eyed God Prophecy and all the Per Koro bands and were trying our hardest to rip them off.

People come up to me from time to time and tell me that Orchid was a big deal for them and I see stuff online, but you can never take that stuff too seriously. It makes me very happy that our records have stuck around and people get some pleasure from it. The thing I enjoy hearing the most (because I am an egomaniac) is that people started reading theory, or wrote their thesis based around ideas in the record.

What was your favorite tour experience? Any memories you want to share with our readers and us?

Jay: It was a mixed bag, but I have a lot of fond memories. I mean the first time I left the country was with those guys. I pool hopped in Arizona, I saw Song Of Zarathustra in a tiny basement, we toured with lightning Bolt and Convocation Of.., making the insert for Chaos Is Me at some Kinko’s on tour to give to Kent at Ebulliton. So many fun memories, but I definitely won’t miss the squats.

It’s been almost two years since your latest project, Ritual Mess, published a fantastic Long Player, called Vile Art. The twelve songs on the album left us begging for more. Are there any plans on new material or even on playing some shows?

Jay: No plans really, but you never know.

What records do you put on your turntable? Any current screamo/emo/hardcore/punk bands you follow resp listen to and would like to recommend?

Jay: I listen to all kinds of stuff. Being a DJ dance/disco records are often on my turntable. 70’s protometal/boogie rock and Negative Approach at least once a week to keep the doctor away.

New bands? Never trust anyone’s opinion on current hardcore who is older than 35.

Given reason we’d like to ask something political. While Pegida and right wing parties seem to continuously gain popularity in Europe, there are also certain developments in the states which appear to be quite frightening as well. Our readers are spread across the world. Would you mind sharing your views and opinions of the current political situation in your home country, with a regards to the upcoming elections, with us and our readers? Anything you find important to share?

Jay: This is the last desperate gasp of boring, old white people trying to clutch onto a past that was good for them and bad for everyone else. Don’t worry young ones, they’ll all be dead soon.