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Issue #44 of SBS contains the debuts of mira, portrëit and Newman as well as the powerful 5-way collaboration between Thisismenotthinkingofyou, Yotsuya Kaidan, Healing Powers, I Hate Sex and Ghostlate.

Thisismenotthinkingofyou / Yotsuya Kaidan / Healing Powers / I Hate Sex / Ghostlate - 5-Way Split


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We’ve already seen lots of great split records in 2017 thus far and with the international collaboration between Thisismenotthinkingofyou, Yotsuya Kaidan, Healing Powers, I Hate Sex and Ghostlate - five of the most exciting screamo bands out there - we witness another powerful band fusion packed with five incredible songs by five elite performers. The centerpiece of the 5-way split consists of ’Hyperrealism’ by Yotsuya Kaidan followed by ’An Apparition’ by Healing Powers, two stand-out tracks, which are wrapped by songs of Shaun Hancock’s one-man-project Thisismenotthinkingofyou, Canada’s screamo sweethearts I Hate Sex as well as Ghostlate’s ’A Bouquet That I Held And You’, which makes for a fantastic final. Records will be available on 7 inch via Rubaiyat Records and Samegrey Records.

Newman - friends demo


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Newman is a Stockholm-based emoviolence outfit, consisting of members from Vivresavie and Kid, Veral. For their common project, Hedda, Tobias and Vile’s focus lies on short and intense songs, whereat distressed screams perfectly interact with the chaos, inflamed by the furious instrumental department of the band. A neat prologue paves the way for its follow-ups, two short-winded songs, which are characterized by some changes in tempo and with lines like "It's warping, the scenery surrounding me builds itself up again. Each feeling, reinvented, felt again.“ the threepiece is capable of creating an oppressive symbiosis between music and lyrics.

"I don't know if you noticed but lately I've been drifting aimlessly, disillusioned. My friends leaving me for someone better - bizarro days - I’ve lost count, I don't care, big deal!!"

mira - s/t


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Based in Bremen, mira includes former members of Manku Kapak and ilill. Those former projects clearly become noticeable within the three songs of their self-titled debut as well as the band’s fascination for emotional punk music of the nineteen-nineties. Since their very first recordings from last year’s fall, the four-piece turned some setscrews, polished their song material and finally established a sophisticated sound pattern, quite close to Emo’s blueprints from three decades ago. Mira consist of Johannes, Malte, Nico and Lela - and they are 300 light years away from earth.

"But no matter how far I've come, how far I run, how high I fly. I can't deny the pain."

portrëit - demo


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With merely burbling guitar chords, portrëit’s first song starts cautious, as Guckert’s screamed vocals abruptly burst through the melancholic sound and all of a sudden you’ll find yourself within one of the strongest emoviolence debut records of the previous years. Recorded in their rehearsal room during a couple of weeks in February, the two tracks of the demo have a playtime of slightly more than 14 minutes, whereas bassist Sonja, drummer Timo and guitarist Dirk were able to merge them into one coherent piece of dark, violent art and without letting chaos gain the upper hand the foursome from Giessen convinced us with their well-balanced song-structure. Definitely watch out for the demo tape, which will be available via Dingleberry Records anytime soon as well as for the group’s upcoming shows with Coma Regalia and Drei Affen.

Time As A Color, one of Germany’s oldest, yet active screamo / emo labels, celebrates its 10th anniversary and to live up to the occasion they have put on a nine-song-compilation including Nebraska’s yet unreleased song Plug, which can be exclusively streamed right here, on Form und Leere.

Besides Plug you can find another eight exclusive tracks by Carson Wells, Bail, Lorraine, Coma Regalia, Duct Hearts, Kumulus, Grand Detour and Terraformer on the anniversary sampler, which will be released on April 1st. The song of the Australian screamo outfit from Adelaide was recorded and mixed in February 2016 by Jon McNichol at Twin Earth, Somerton Park, SA and pretty much sounds like a time travel to early resp. mid 90s, harmoniously blending into the band’s overall anthology. Just like the other bands, Andrew, Craig, John, Matt and Samuel accompanied Time As A Color on its way to release more than 50 records, helping to write the story of the label over the last ten years. This compilation expresses the mutual gratitude and could be seen as a gift for all of us.

Form und Leere says thank you for all these years and hopes for many more full of fantastic releases - to the next 10!

Daniel of Time As A Color about the physical version of the anniversary comp:

„Records are housed in a hand-die-cut plain off-white cover sleeve and black inner sleeves, include an inlay and download card and are handnumbered /309, 135 on green card (band copies), 9 on yellow card (first preorders), 16 on pink card (more preorders) and the rest on white card. I made the download cards of 30 years old cassette inlays my grandfather labeled with his typewriter for classical music he recorded from the radio. Apparently he’s been a real DIY guy I never understood back then.“










Vienna meets Stockholm, as Pettersson teams up with Det är därför vi bygger städer to spoil us with one hell of a split record. Each of the bands contributed one track - now available for pre-listening right below.

In customary style, Pettersson - who were able to leave a remaining impression with their 2016 debut, Rift & Seam - are leading off the split with the three minute, post-rock influenced screamo epos, Sensory Deprivation > Motion Sickness. Slowly Rising, the song is characterized by the ability of Adrian, Dominik and Tobias not to exaggerate, but to make clever use of post-rock riffs, wrapping Dominik’s breathtaking vocals into a well-composed sound garment. Hereinafter, Det är därför vi bigger städer comes up with their part of the split, shifting the focus to a edgier sound, sticking a bit closer to the roots of the genre. On Reverse Polarity, the Swedes offer an intense mix of versatile guitar-playing and wild drumming, changing the pace quite a lot. Released by ten different DIY labels, the split, whose cover artwork was created by Chaz Hewitt of Human Hands, will be available on black and grey seven inch vinyl (check the links below). Pre-Orders will be up today as well.

Gabriel of Det är därför vi bygger städer on how the collaboration between both bands came about:

"Us doing this split felt kind of natural, since we're friends from outside the internet. We played together in Vienna twice with mine and Måns old band. Det är därför vi bygger städer played that second show as well. It was kind of a mini-fest. Super lovely! The split sort of happened after Pettersson was done recording their LP (which I recommend everyone to listen to) and they had a left-over track. So we recorded our side as quick as possible, aka super slow, and we had ourselves a split! Obviously there's more to it, but that's basically how the collaboration happened. I'm very happy about it, and I'm extremely thankful for all the lovely people who are in on this release."








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Time As A Color

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Featuring Tokyo’s Narcia, Shah Alam’s Piri Reis, Jakarta’s Rightness as well as Child Meadow and Les Mauvais Jours from France, it’s quite a French / Asian instalment of Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful. Expect four top-notch releases - one better than the other.

Child Meadow / Piri Reis - Split


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Hailing from Toulon, emo punk duo, Child Meadow, are quite busy these days. Right before their South-East Asian Tour they released two split records with Appletop and Malaysia’s emoviolence highlight, Piri Reis. As regards the latter collaboration, it’s quite a no-brainer to make a huge recommendation. Child Meadow consists of Pietr and Clément, both playing in bökanövsky and Grand détour, and for their common project with Arwith, Amira, Farhan, Jaka and Fakhri, they recorded three tracks in the vein of classy french screamo, once performed by bands such as Daitro or Amanda Woodward. Egged on by the French twopiece, Piri Reis is able to deliver another three absolutely amazing tracks, which may be the best works since their 2015 demo, as each of them excels due to the flawless combination between chaos and guitar driven melodies - emoviolence as good as it gets.

Narcia - 18 & 16


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With Noah being back home in the States and Shutaro Shinkai filling the vacant spot on guitar, Narcia from Tokyo, are taking a different direction on their recently released sophomore Extended Play, as their sound pattern receives a shoegaze-ish note, now lying somewhere between Title Fight, Bloodthirsty Butchers and Mineral - a progression, stirring up the curiosity of the band’s future. Following their blistering debut, 18 & 16, contains two new songs as well as a live version of nine.

"I could hear your chest heaving like we'd run for oh so far and in the middle of the night felt you tossing and turning. But that's just for now and no longer feeling like home for a little while. Just for now and no longer."

Les Mauvais Jours - Demo


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After Sport, Les Mauvais Jours are the next promising emo punk group from France. The four-headed band, which consists of members from Another Five Minutes, More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters and The Boring, is based in Strasbourg and delivers a fresh, indie-focused, sound on their demo, for which they recorded two brilliant songs. Packed with moving melodies, the debut of Matth, Simon, Tak and Seb, is a real gem and with Familiar Faces the band surpassed themselves, releasing one of the best-written songs of the past months.

"Is this the call of fun, or a visceral need for a breath of fresh air? Is this road going somewhere? The horizon is the reason we pack our bags and leave it all behind. Can you learn something new from reading the same old book over and over? There’s something in the air tonight, looks like we’ll be alright, tonight. Unload the van, reload our hearts with smiles and hugs. New friends, familiar faces. Laval, Rio, Rokycany, Nantes, Lille, Paris, Milan…"

Rightness - Unknown


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Based in Jakarta, Rightness are offering - according to their own words - an aggressive interpretation of hardcore punk, which apparently has its roots in chaotic 90s hardcore, once obtained popularity under the label screamo. Folks who are into bands such as Heroin, Swing Kids or Antioch Arrow likely will dig the noisy sound of the Indonesian duo as well since each of the ten songs out of their 2016 debut record seems to be fallen out of time. With Halfway Boys the record also includes a cover of Washington-based 80’s hardcore punk band, The Mighty VOID. Sounds promising, ha?

Finally, after La Petite Mort / Little Death’s stunning 2015 debut, 'Dear Reader', it’s the first time you can hear new music from the grandmasters of mathy screamo, right here on Form und Leere.

Windchime will be part of their upcoming three-way-split with Vivre sa Vie and Young Mountain - a song which once again shows off the ability of Paul, Steffen and Jan to create exciting song structures full of varying, technically demanding guitar riffs and swirling drums. Carrying the top-notch vocals of Steffen, the well-crafted mathy sound of the threepiece from the suburbs of Frankfurt-on-Main appears to be a raving hybrid between Refused and Comadre. Besides Windchime you can also find another two tracks of La Petite Mort / Little Death as well as two tracks by Young Mountain and Vivre Sa Vie. The Pre-Orders for the split, which will be available on 12 inch vinyl through a gathering of DIY labels, consisting of Miss The Stars, Pundonor Records, Zilpzalp Records, Hardcore For The Losers and Voice Of The Unheard Records, is going to be announced really, really soon, so make sure to check out the links below and keep your eyes peeled.

"I never felt as numb as in this landscape. Listen to the hum again and leave this part of my life. I know you've had a soft shape. Lists and pencils used to hide a scar. I fell on an island of stones.In a moment of clarity, I left myself in peace. Is it knowledge? Or not? I talk to the wall. Isn’t that insane? The scenery is the same. All I say... All I say... All I say is… Listen Brother. Won´t you go? You've pushed me to insanity. I have passed. You’re alone. Come on Brother. Won’t you go? Won’t you, brother? This is why I’m always walking down these stairs. This is why we walk, both of us. This is why I’m always walking down these stairs. With a sign. This is why I’m always…"


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Zilpzalp Records

Hardcore For The Losers

Voice Of The Unheard

Top-notch screamo act, PAAN, teamed up with garage punk / indie outfit, Lingua Nada, to treat you with the most exciting song-writing Leipzig’s underground scene currently has to offer. Pre-released, Yamaha, is the very first audio sample out of the record, already giving you a good impression on PAAN’s brilliant side of the split. Once again, Achim, Chris, Magnus and Oliver are showcasing their ability to create moving melodies, which are occasionally supported by beautiful dual vocals, sometimes interrupted by changes in tempo. The whole split will be released on March 17 via Kapitäne Platte and Lala Schallplatten. Also make sure to stream Lingua Nada’s first song right on their bandcamp.

„The perfect game, the sound of instruments, the time we've lost, the time we gain. Snowballs in summer, like winter in Spain. We've got no tempo we've got clouds and the rain for all the colors to stain. Strike me down and I will soak, so is there beautiesness in grey. Give it a try. Don't let senselessness pass by.“


[JP] 03.03 Tokyo-Cuddlebar
[DE] 04.03 Göttenburg-houseparty
[BE] 05.03 Duisburg- Djäzz
[FR] 06.03 Lille- l´imposture
[UK] 07.03 Leeds-Temple Of Boom
[UK] 08.03 Manchester-Dubrek Studios
[UK] 09.03 Brighton-The Hope And Ruin
[UK] 10.03 Portmouth - Fishbunker
[UK] 11.03 Lancaster-Sunbirds Records
[UK] 12.03 BXXXXXXN-Secret Show
[FR] 13.03 Paris-Le Comedia
[HW] 15.03 Honolulu- Bikinibottom
[DE] 16.03 Hamburg-gängeviertel
[DE] 17.03 Bielefeld-forum
[DE] 18.03 Berlin-ZGK

Here’s your chance to exclusively stream,’these struggles only result in sharper misery’, the phenomenal harbinger of Truman’s upcoming Extended Play,'ma doi', dropping in March through Zegema Beach Records and Middle-Man Records - a Canadian-American label cooperation.

Few days after Truman’s announcement to release new material you can listen to the very first song out of their soon-to-be-released three-song EP - and we promise it’s a real beast. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, the emoviolence collective, which was founded back in 2012, consists of Mitchie Shue, Benson Truong and Dylan Anderson, three musicians, who perfectly understand to merge the best parts of emoviolence, post-rock and black metal into one, coherent piece of dark art. On ’these struggles only result in sharper misery’ Truong's and Shue’s dual vocals unleash a shattering storm, whose uproar sweeps across the audience, while the violence and chaos thus obtained are embraced by sophisticated post-rock melodies. Limited to 200 copies, 'ma doi' will be available on black cassettes. Pre-orders will go up in March via Zegema Beach Records and Middle-Man Records.

Mitchie: This is our 5th release as a band counting a tour tape we put out. Some of what I wrote about was about how does death and permanent departure from a space ultimately change a space. I also wrote about gender identity and feelings of self worth. We finished recording in late December and we recorded it with our friend Pablo Cabrera and they also mixed and mastered it.

Benson: As far as lyrical themes go, Mitchie mentioned one that was strong for me as well, which was what death does to a space and how the concept of dying can be a person's last chance for remembrance. The lyrics are also focusing on how the feeling of dissatisfaction and the constant yearning for more can linger throughout one's life despite feeling content at the time in reaching accomplishments; and how that relates to the struggle of wondering if and what you've done was meaningful enough to act as a monument of your existence in spite of how the final act of leaving the world can fulfill that too.


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