Top-notch screamo act, PAAN, teamed up with garage punk / indie outfit, Lingua Nada, to treat you with the most exciting song-writing Leipzig’s underground scene currently has to offer. Pre-released, Yamaha, is the very first audio sample out of the record, already giving you a good impression on PAAN’s brilliant side of the split. Once again, Achim, Chris, Magnus and Oliver are showcasing their ability to create moving melodies, which are occasionally supported by beautiful dual vocals, sometimes interrupted by changes in tempo. The whole split will be released on March 17 via Kapitäne Platte and Lala Schallplatten. Also make sure to stream Lingua Nada’s first song right on their bandcamp.

„The perfect game, the sound of instruments, the time we've lost, the time we gain. Snowballs in summer, like winter in Spain. We've got no tempo we've got clouds and the rain for all the colors to stain. Strike me down and I will soak, so is there beautiesness in grey. Give it a try. Don't let senselessness pass by.“


[JP] 03.03 Tokyo-Cuddlebar
[DE] 04.03 Göttenburg-houseparty
[BE] 05.03 Duisburg- Djäzz
[FR] 06.03 Lille- l´imposture
[UK] 07.03 Leeds-Temple Of Boom
[UK] 08.03 Manchester-Dubrek Studios
[UK] 09.03 Brighton-The Hope And Ruin
[UK] 10.03 Portmouth - Fishbunker
[UK] 11.03 Lancaster-Sunbirds Records
[UK] 12.03 BXXXXXXN-Secret Show
[FR] 13.03 Paris-Le Comedia
[HW] 15.03 Honolulu- Bikinibottom
[DE] 16.03 Hamburg-gängeviertel
[DE] 17.03 Bielefeld-forum
[DE] 18.03 Berlin-ZGK

Here’s your chance to exclusively stream,’these struggles only result in sharper misery’, the phenomenal harbinger of Truman’s upcoming Extended Play,'ma doi', dropping in March through Zegema Beach Records and Middle-Man Records - a Canadian-American label cooperation.

Few days after Truman’s announcement to release new material you can listen to the very first song out of their soon-to-be-released three-song EP - and we promise it’s a real beast. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, the emoviolence collective, which was founded back in 2012, consists of Mitchie Shue, Benson Truong and Dylan Anderson, three musicians, who perfectly understand to merge the best parts of emoviolence, post-rock and black metal into one, coherent piece of dark art. On ’these struggles only result in sharper misery’ Truong's and Shue’s dual vocals unleash a shattering storm, whose uproar sweeps across the audience, while the violence and chaos thus obtained are embraced by sophisticated post-rock melodies. Limited to 200 copies, 'ma doi' will be available on black cassettes. Pre-orders will go up in March via Zegema Beach Records and Middle-Man Records.

Mitchie: This is our 5th release as a band counting a tour tape we put out. Some of what I wrote about was about how does death and permanent departure from a space ultimately change a space. I also wrote about gender identity and feelings of self worth. We finished recording in late December and we recorded it with our friend Pablo Cabrera and they also mixed and mastered it.

Benson: As far as lyrical themes go, Mitchie mentioned one that was strong for me as well, which was what death does to a space and how the concept of dying can be a person's last chance for remembrance. The lyrics are also focusing on how the feeling of dissatisfaction and the constant yearning for more can linger throughout one's life despite feeling content at the time in reaching accomplishments; and how that relates to the struggle of wondering if and what you've done was meaningful enough to act as a monument of your existence in spite of how the final act of leaving the world can fulfill that too.


ZBR Bandcamp

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MMR Bandcamp

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We are beyond excited to stream 'Funeral Designs', the forthcoming debut EP of Illinois’ screamo newcomers Crowning, right here, on Form und Leere, as our cooperation with Zegema Beach Records enters the next round.

Based in Chicago, Crowning (ex-Pregnancy Pact) consists of Justin, Dave, Vanessa and Myles and for their debut they recorded an imperious collection of five well-crafted post-hardcore songs with a huge impact of Loma Prieta-esque screamo. Overflown with energy, 'Funeral Designs' feels like a blistering attack, as Crowning’s passionate craftsmanship runs through each of the tracks. Vocalist, Justin, screams at the top of his lungs, while the precise interaction between distorted guitars, rumbling baselines and whipping drums shape a crushing heaviness but also provide space for some atmospheric parts. Coming up with an excellent production, the Extended Play is available on orange cassettes, which glow fluorescent under a black light, and will be released on February 14. Make sure to pre-order your version through Zegema Beach Records right now.



ZBR Bandcamp

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United Nations (band) release anti-Trump song, Emoviolence outfit René Descartes called it quits - giving us their three final songs, Singapore based Sifulan can do no wrong and Hundreds of AU from Albany publish fantastic demo tape on Middle-Man Records - four releases, perfectly suitable for part #42 of our review series.

United Nations - Stairway To Mar-a-Lago


+ bandcamp

With a brand new song and Thursday’s Geoff Rickly passing the microphone on to a new, yet anonymous vocalist, it’s Brooklyn-based emoviolence outfit, United Nations, reporting back after more than two years of silence. Stairway To Mar-a-Lago follows the band’s Long Player, The Next Four Years, published in 2014 and can be understood as a protest song against Trump’s inauguration a few days ago. The top-notch screamo song, which contains lyrics like „It blows my mind how these Nazis took the stage and pandered to your deepest fears“ or „You all laughed until it fucking happened“ is available as a name-your-price download on bandcamp, whereat all proceeds will be donated to American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood. Fun fact: Due to several rumors the new singer of United Nations is Daryl Palumbo, vocalist of Glassjaw.

"It blows my mind how these Nazis took the stage and pandered to your deepest fears. Dead and cold, the gripper must be rolling in his grave. Some hoped for light, most chose gold. Lambs to the slaughter dragged by the fringe. You all laughed until it fucking happened. Never again, again and again. Never again is happening again. Persona Non Grata.“

SiFulan - Desolate


+ bandcamp
+ facebook

Founded back in 2013 Singapore-based screamo highlight, SiFulan, is still one of the most exciting bands South-East-Asian hardcore has to offer and on Desolate they’re firing off six brand new songs plus Darjat, a well-known track, which was already released one year ago. Again, the foursome - consisting of Shahrin, Sha’ari, Hazwan and Fashhan - can impress with their incredible songwriting, as they draw influence from bands like Refused, Comadre or 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal, yet following an independent and unique style, whose principal focus lies on heart-felt vocals, carried by ingenious melodies.

René Descartes - s/t


+ bandcamp
+ facebook

After only one demo, short-time queer punk project, René Descartes, called it quits and with one last dying breath, they give us their three final songs, which, of course, are characterized by their typical high pitched vocals. Previously hailing from San Francisco, the emoviolence quartet around the Sgarbossa siblings doesn't release lyrics publicly as of now, but according to the band, the lyrics of the songs are dealing with “gender dysphoria, past trauma that affects your current life and adjusting to life/recognizing that the systems established that you’ve been told serve to benefit society actually don’t“. Make sure to check out Connie Sgarbossa’s label, Structures//Agony Records and Zegema Beach Records for more information about the physical release of René Descartes’ selftitled EP as well as their follow-up project, SeeYouSpaceCowboy.

Hundreds of AU - Demo 2017


+ bandcamp
+ Cassettes via Middle-Man Records

Albany’s screamo outfit, Hundreds of AU consists of three friends - Terry on bass, Zach on drums and screamo routinier, Tom Schlatter of What of Us - who also used to play in bands like You and I, This Ship Will Sink, Capacities or The Assistant - on guitar. Few days before their Rochester show they give us the first taste of their tremendous sound, flawlessly changing back and forth between atmospheric passages and chaotic violence like in the mighty ’Past Due’. Recorded live by Will Killingsworth (i.a. Ampere, Orchid) at Dead Air Studios, the six-song collection is already a strong contender for all kind of end-of-the-year-lists, as every note seems to be right on point.

"The option to just sit back and witness how this plays out with apathetic constructs that stop before you can start to oppose. We don't all have the luxury to sleep this one out.“

Germany’s most relevant facebook group for emo, hardcore and screamo unites 50 bands for a good cause on the second part of their sampler, Heart Circle. Featuring fantastic bands like Lypurá, Belka, JESSE JAMES VS BALTIMORE, Oakhands, CHLRN and many more, the musical spectrum ranges from Emo, Indie and Screamo to Black Metal. All proceeds out of the name-your-price download will be donated to the family of Marc Köhler who passed away a few months ago. Below you can read a short statement from one of the admins.

„Marc has been a very good friend to many people here, has been a part of our music scene for many years and was also one of the first admins of this group. His sudden death has hurt many people very deeply here and we want to show the family our support in such a difficult time.“

Based in Paris, Alcest are currently on their tour through North America and with Kodama they're showcasing one of the most popular ambient metal records of the past years. Right before their show in Montréal, Alex of Nous Étions sat down and wrote a review about Kodama, which is - according to him - his favorite album of last year.

Alcest has been running their game for quite a long time now - eighteen years or so. They have released five full-length albums and a couple of splits here and there and with Kodama they just released their latest work. This band has always been quite a hit or miss for most people I know, including myself. You either love them or hate them, but I surely can’t hate Kodama, which probably is their most consistent album they put out so far. But, don’t expect a black metal album, because it’s not. This album is basically how I wish Shelter would have been when it came out, not that it’s a bad record or anything, but for me it feels like Alcest's bastard child.

During the six tracks of the record - seven if you purchase the deluxe version of the album - Winterhalter delivers the proof that he can do no wrong on drums. The record is full of tasty fills and patterns that will stick right upon the first listen. The production is stellar and worth a mention since it’s been a while I’ve heard drums that sound as good as those on Kodama. I have had my fair share of bands that excessively use blast beats on each part of their songs and I’m glad it’s not the case on this record. Winterhalter really helps to shape the songs with his drumming and compliments Neige’s melodies, just the way they should - Eclosion, I’m looking at you. The bass work on this record is also a big improvement from their previous work, as it’s not just somewhere in the mix, backing up the guitar lines. Quite the opposite, there are several memorable bass lines, that easily get stuck in your head. The true showcasing here for me is the guitar display and the vocals, Neige’s guitar work on Kodama is very dreamy and catchy, it pretty much picks up where Écailles De Lune left us a couple of years ago and you can tell he’s been having a post-rock binge lately. The vocals are for the most part clean vocals, but when Neige’s black metal shrieks kick in on Eclosion, you can feel that he hasn’t lost it at all. The only weak moment on this album can be found during the closing track, Onyx, which is basically a part of another song - just played backward.

If you’re (already) tired of the new-wave of pseudo-post-black metal bands (whatever the kids call it these days) and looking for a decent heartfelt metal record, give Kodama a spin. This record deserves its place among other giants like Explosions In The Sky, Ulver or Agalloch (sorry, no Deafheaven). It is a demonstration that Alcest is back at it again after a weaker album (hey, Shelter) and still kicking it after all those years. Worth a listen, you’ll be left wanting more. 9/10

Favorite tracks: Eclosion, Kodama.

"Pierce the thick skin that weighs upon my shoulders. Tear it off of me. Limb by limb. Piece by piece. So I may show you who I am beyond my body, beyond my flesh. So you may catch a glimpse of my non-human shards of light."

links: Alceset + Nous Étions

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Even if 2017 already has begun it is four releases from last year, which can be found in the latest episode of our review series. Besides the fantastic debut of the Swedish newcomers Kid, Feral, the EPs of Nanette from Toronto and KŸHL from Dresden, we also discussed one of our absolute favorites of 2016 - the split between Lora and the ultimate screamo band.

Unfortunately this is the very first article, which copes without any editing as Carl went on a short-time hiatus due to the work on his master thesis and the stressful preparations for his moving to Taiwan. Hope I didn’t fuck it up.

Lora / the ultimate screamo band - Split


+ bandcamp
+ Lora
+ the ultimate screamo band

Already released a few months ago it’s past time to discuss the split between Lora and the ultimate screamo band. Hailing from Montréal, the one man project with the humble name contributes six songs, which are bundled up to one long track. Well, this characteristic might be quite exceptional but who cares as long as the content is so brilliant. All alone, Guillaume Archambault slowly morphs into one of the most exciting emoviolence acts the international scene currently has to offer as his creation brings out the magic as well as the iconic and chaotic sound of late 90s resp. early 00s screamo bands. The anterior songs of Lora seem to perfectly fit in the sonic image of Guillaume’s recordings, ensuring that this top-notch collaboration is one of our favorites of 2016.

"Tu n'as jamais été là parce que tu es bien trop rancunier. Élevé comme un vrai homme. Une ville en constante construction. Je n'ai rien appris de toi. Je n'ai rien appris de toi. Je n'ai plus besoin de mon nom. Je me sens soudain moins con.“

Nanette - In Pectore


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In Pectore by Nanette, is another short but sweet release, which comes in as an hybrid of emotional hardcore and emo mixed up with mathy guitar riffs. The versatile threepiece from Toronto makes use of bowed instruments, performed by guest string player, Simon Lukasewich, in the course of the wonderful opening track called If Ifs and Ands Were Pots and Pans and also knows how to surprise during the rest of the dreamy Extended Play. The five and a half minutes seem to fly by as David, Van and Kai deliver a four song collection, fascinating with its combination of ambient sounds and angry screamo parts.

"And you just stood there, cold and calculating like a thermometer in February air. I've been shivering since 2011. I've been numbing the pain humming the same refrain. One last coup de grace. One less frost to thaw on the frigid barren campus. It was just like old times.“

KŸHL - Drittweltstrauma


+ bandcamp

Co-released by a bunch of great labels such as Dingleberry, Pure Heart Records or Adorno Records, Drittweltstrauma could be consulted as the perfect and most current example for the generic sound of German screamo. Inspired by overseas hardcore back in the mid and late 90s, bands like Yage, Jet Black or 30TageNacht lead the way, as they developed their very own and unique style out of those influences. With their recordings for their latest Extended Play, political screamo outfit KŸHL from Dresden stick to those blueprints as closely as possible and it’s songs like Zivilisierte Arroganz and Ungeteiltes Leid, which capture the zeitgeist in the most exciting way possible. The six tracks of the EP were pressed on green transparent 12’’ vinyl and come along with a self-made poster, limited on 300 pieces.

"Singen, tanzen, lieben, weitersehen.“

Kid, Feral - Demo 2016


+ bandcamp
+ facebook

Based in Skövde Kid, Feral is Vile, Ossian and Jesper and almost out of nowhere they delivered their first musical output in the form of a two song demo. With Vile screaming “Got up early morning for a walk in suburbia... and every lawn that lied pristine in hazy sunlight.“ on Like it or not, we’re the only game in town the newcomers from Sweden straightforwardly outlining their dissonant spastic sound. Succeeding this 42 seconds banger, it’s Blue eyes white dragon (I'll close my eyes and imagine), which also knows how to impress as the band constantly operates with changes in tempo, walking the thin line between chaos and well-structured melodies. Kid, Feral is definitely a band to watch out for in 2017 and with a bit of luck their demo will receive a physical release as well.

"When it's over. When it ends. When it fades out. I'll be dead!“